Friday, October 30, 2009

Trick or Treat

I ran out of dog cookies.
I gave Puppy the last one last night.
Now I have nothing for today.
I'm a bad mommy.

When I was talking to The Husband today,
I mentioned we need to get Snacks for Puppy.
We can't say 'Cookie' in front of him.
He knows that word quite well.
He'll come running over to you,
with his ears up,
panting like a lunatic,
expecting a treat.

We usually buy his cookies
at Costco,
but given that Halloween is tomorrow,
there should be hundreds of people
lining up to buy candy by the cart load.

So I suggested we go to the pet store.

"There shouldn't be that many people there," I mused.
"Except, of course, all the ones who are buying
costumes for their dogs, cats and hamsters."

"Right," says TH.

"Do hamsters wear costumes?" I wondered.

The ever-knowledgeable TH replied:
"They limit it to face-painting for hamsters."


rxBambi said...

snicker...and a snort too. You guys must keep each other laughing all the time..

Clippy Mat said...

you're giving out dog treats for trick or treat?
that's just mean!