Monday, October 5, 2009

Happy Anniversary

Yesterday was our eight-year anniversary.
I know that doesn't seem like a lot,
but it's more than twice as long as
the combined number of years
each of us was married previously.

Anything after this is a bonus.

We don't exchange gifts for anything.
Not birthdays, Valentine's, Christmas
and certainly not anniversaries.

In fact,
if it weren't for The Husband's
dear ol' Aunt Betty,
we'd never remember.

But we got a card in the mail last week.
Wishing us a lovely anniversary
and many more blessed years.
"Oh, right," we both said.
And decided we should at least go out for dinner.

So we did.
To the Keg.
Where we had a lovely dinner.

Just as the evening was coming to an end,
the group to be seated at the table beside us arrived.
TH starts to smile and, because my back was to them,
I asked who it was.
"It's Alex Robertson," he laughs.
Alex was the photographer at our wedding!

Of course, he recognized us, as did his wife who assisted him.
She remembered us for two reasons:
We were married at Parkwood Estate, and
I wore a red dress.

Hey ... second time 'round, I can wear what I want.
And I look great in red.

They introduced us to their daughter and son-in-law
and little two-year-old granddaughter.

Turns out, their son-in-law, Jerry,
owns GP Bikes.
When they told us this, we both went
Jerry laughed and said he often gets that reaction,
but it's mostly from the men.
I was very quick to point out that I ride
and have a 535 Virago.
Which, of course, veered off onto a bike conversation.
I mentioned that I really wanted a Honda Shadow
and he quickly pointed out that he had several good ones
in the showroom.

We'll be visiting soon, Jerry!
(Jerry's our new best friend.)


Anonymous said...

Happy Anniversary MO and TH. xoxoxo Karen

Evil Twin's Wife said...

Happy Anniversary - it sounds like all that was meant to happen on your special day!

Jessilyn said...

Happy Anniversary .. I sent you an award ..

Optimistic Pessimist said...

happy anniversary. how cool/funny that your wedding photographer was there!

rxBambi said...

Happy Anniversary! I think 8 years is amazing. We just had our 6th (2 yrs longer than my previous marriage, 1 less than his).
Sounds like a wonderful evening!