Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Mini Means More. Right?

Halloween is right around the corner.
Actually, since it's this Saturday,
I supposed it's not just around the corner,
it's right down the street,
just a few houses away.

Whether or not you celebrate this holiday,
it's hard to ignore.
Everywhere you go, there are
black cats ...

and little mini candy bars.

Whoever invented these wee nuggets
should be canonized.
We could call him
Saint Morsel.

I got in the elevator last night
to go home
and was watching the little tv.

There was a bold announcement
that went something like:

"Don't want leftover candy?
We have a recipe for you
that will use up all the
leftover Halloween treats.
Visit captivate.ca"

'Leftover candy'?
What is this phenomenon of which you speak?
Who in the world has leftover candy?
I don't know about ya'll,
but The Husband and I buy
than we need,
just to be sure we have leftovers.

Isn't that the point???

We pick through the stash,
setting aside the ones we each like most,
then leave the rest for the
wee kiddies.

If we run out ...
well, too bad.
You kids don't need all that sugar anyway.

You think I'm actually going to dip into
my OWN stash?
It takes a lot of work to be this fluffy.


Anonymous said...

what kind of fluffy are you talking about?
you must be a special kind of fluffy !! :)

rxBambi said...

I just don't buy the crappy kind of candy, so I eat it all. Right now it's candy corn and pumpkins. I love that stuff!

Clippy Mat said...

once when my kids were little they went to someone's house and they had halloween candy from their trick or treat stash.
in july!
i never let them play with those kids again.

Evil Twin's Wife said...

I love those little Halloween candy bars. :-) Our anniversary is Oct. 30, so we always get to check the candy for "pins" and "poison", just in case, ya know?