Sunday, October 4, 2009

Robi's Cricut Party

Lady Fairchilde and I went to Robi's house for a Cricut Party.
Don't know what a Cricut is?
Click here.

If you do know what it is,
and don't already have one,
then you have goosebumps on your arms,
and are totally jealous.

Of course, being the etiquette freaks we are,
LF and I cannot show up empty-handed.
It's gauche.

So LF made the most awesome cookies,
and presented them to Robi in a very pretty
glass cookie jar.

You'll notice the jar is half empty.
It's not because she Forrest Gumped it
and "eht sum".
It's cuz I took the picture after lunch,
and we'd already hoovered half of them.

I came bearing glitter craft paper for the Cricut.
I also made a dessert:
Chocolate Skor Cake.

We had an absolute blast,
got to meet Robi's niece,
and ate like royalty ...
Robi made grilled panini,
made with focaccia,
smoked chicken and
swiss cheese.

I can't wait for the next time!


Clippy Mat said...

google kept changing my search of cricut to circuit. you made me work for this comment!
never mind 'look it up'.
link me, dammit.
is that so hard?

Optimistic Pessimist said...

sounds amazing...wish i would have been there to help you eat all that food!

Crazy Mo said...

Geez, Clippy! You're so bossy! :) I added the link just for you, Hen!

Clippy Mat said...

LOL thanks Mo. i think i had my cranky pants on this morning:-)