Thursday, October 1, 2009

Short Bus Muffin

Lady Fairchilde, Robi and I have a ritual every morning.
Once we're all in ...
and we all arrive at different times ...
we stroll downstairs and get a coffee and something to eat.

This morning it was Tim Hortons.

Ice Cap.
Blueberry Muffin.
(and I wonder why I'm fluffy)

I got to my desk,
took the muffin out of the bag,
and saw this:

I think this muffin should at least come with a helmet.

Now, Cousin Alex used to work at Timmies.
I have a question, Alex ...
Should they have given me this muffin?
I realize it will taste the same.

Better, in fact, given the well-doneness.
MMMmmmmm ... crunchy!

But doesn't this break all their rules of quality control?

I won't return it.
Even if I was sitting in the store I wouldn't.
Why bother?
As I pointed out, it'll taste the same.

However, this does beg the question:
If I was staying in, would they have given me a different muffin?
Did they give it to me knowing I wouldn't see it until I got back to the office?

Jump in folks ...
what would you do?


lady fairchilde said...

I would eat it, so stop blogging and start hoovering or else I'm coming over!

devi said...

I don't know ... looks like it was baked in a wind tunnel (is that possible?) but then again, if it was baked in a wind tunnel that means less calories! yay!

Little Miss Sunshine State said...

Looks like somebody tipped the pan a little!
I would have eaten it. Broken food tastes just as good.

Anonymous said...

Call it a dunkin' muffin, grab the handle, and dip it into your coffee.