Thursday, October 29, 2009

Circus Freaks

I don't often get to leave work on time,
so when I rushed out to catch
the 4:53
I didn't have much choice in seats.
I sat across from an enormous man
who sat with his legs widely spread,
and a ginormous gut hanging down.

Not pretty.

GTB is almost always on this train,
but I know he prefers a car at the
opposite end of the train.

So I text him:

Me: On 453. You?

GTB: Yes. Car 7. No seats tho.

Me: I'm in the middle somewhere.

GTB: I see. It's hot in here.

Me: It is! I'm across from a HUGE man.

GTB: Bigger than a bread box?

Me: Oh yeah!

GTB: Bigger than a dancing circus bear?

Me: Bigger than a bakery!

GTB: Oh, I have to think bigger I see.

Me: He's a circus elephant.

GTB: Is he wearing a hat?

I glance over

Me: No hat.

Where's he going with this?

GTB: Dumbo wore a hat you know. So he's really a zoo elephant then, since no hat.



lady fairchilde said...

But was he an Asian elephant with small ears and 2 nubs on his head, or was he an African elephant?

Clippy Mat said...

snort :-))