Monday, October 26, 2009

Texting for Dummies

The other day,
Nephew #2 texted his mom ...
Cousin Alex to the rest of you.

But rather than texting her cell,
he accidentally texted the house.
If you've never experienced this,
what happens is you get a recorded
phone message that reads
the text message to you.

So Alex gets a phone message,
from a woman,
who says something about
the science trip on Wednesday.

Cousin Alex said it was really weird
to hear a message that was from her son,
but in a woman's voice.

Of course, Nephew #2 gets a confirmation text:
"your text has been successfully sent by atnt".
He doesn't notice his first mistake,
thinks his mom has texted him back, and
immediately sends a reply:
"what the f*ck is atnt?!"

Cousin Alex gets another voice message,
and the woman even says the eff word.

Now, if you don't think
I'm not going to start texting everyone at home,
you don't know me very well.

The texting saga gets better ...

The next day,
Nephew #2 sends a text message to his mom:
"bringing Friend home. can u drive him home?"
she replies that she can't,
she's in Newmarket and will be home late,
"text your dad"

Which he does.
And he gets a reply back:
"Sure thing buddy."

So he brings his friend home.
And his dad immediately asks
why he didn't call first
cuz he can't drive him home,
since the car is in the shop.
Nephew #2 argues that he did,
and that he responded.
His dad asks to see his phone
and looks up the text message.

Turns out, Nephew #2 texted
my brother.
And if you know anything about
French Canadians,
we're notorious for being

Dad hands the phone back to
Nephew #2.
"You texted Uncle Donald."

Needless to say,
Nephew #2 is pissed and texts Budge.
"Why did you respond?"

Budge replies:
"Pay attention son."

I laughed so hard when Cousin Alex told me that.
And I know that my brother is going to be laughing
even harder when he reads this and re-lives that moment.

Cell Phone: $100
Wireless Package: $40 / month
Smart Ass Uncle: Priceless


Clippy Mat said...

definitely no price on a smart ass uncle.
love it

rxBambi said...

that is too funny!