Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Metal Mounds

Most of my friends already know this,
but I'll put the warning out now ...

If you email me,
talk to me,
write me,
text me,
FaceBook me ...

You're going to end up on my blog.
Especially if it's funny.

BJ never lets me down.

Yesterday she sent me an email:

I went to La Vie en Rose
for a new bra
and saw the new
magnetic bras they have for sale.

The saleslady talked me into trying one on
and said that if I get a bra fitting,
I'd get 10 bucks off it

(lady, you want to touch these for ten dollars,
go for it.
Ten bucks is ten bucks, right?)

Oh my goodness, it is the most comfortable bra ever.

Now, granted, my little saggy A-cups
are not asking a WHOLE LOT from the magnet,
but it is such a strong little magnet,
I'm surprised that watches aren't flying off people's wrists
and attaching to my chest.


Of course,
I had to reply:

You know ...
I would have felt you up for free.
Then again ... Ten bucks is ten bucks.
I'm not proud.
I'll take the money.

Considering she sent that email at 9 am,
and I'd already rebooted my computer four times,
I really needed that laugh.

If my computer goes flying off my desk,
at least I can say it wasn't me ...
it was BJ's boobs.

For the record, my total
reboot count yesterday was 13.)


devi said...

Can you imagine explaining this at the airport security check-in? Osgoode Hall even has the "walk thru".

rxBambi said...

I need to know more about this magnetic bra. Will it make my boobs stick to the fridge? What about geiger counters? Will it have any effects on them? Will my boobs always face true north? I'm interested...

Crazy Mo said...

@rxBambi: "Will my boobs always face true north?" HA!! Good one!