Wednesday, October 28, 2009

She Gives Awards

I follow a wonderful writer,
who blogs under the name

You really should go over
and read her work.
It's dark
and mysterious
and sensuous.
I love it.

She gave me an award,
under my pen name
which I have posted over there.
But I felt bad that
even though I adore this woman,
I wasn't going to write a post about her
at my other blog.

You see,
I want to keep my writing blog just that:
only writing.
I don't know why I need to do that --
I just do.
All you people with OCD will understand.

Something happens when I log in
under my pen name.
It's like a muse to me.
Here, I can be Crazy Mo
and make everyone laugh
(although, I appreciate, today ...
not so funny),
but with my Writing Hat on
I can be someone else.

I am a Writer;
hunched over a manual typewriter,
cigarette dangling from my mouth,
half-empty glass of scotch
leaving water rings on the walnut desk.

I know that ShePoet understands.
So, ShePoet,
Know that I love your work
and I very much appreciate the award.


Updated: ShePoet has left the BloggerSphere.
We don't know where she is, or why she left.
I hope she's well.
ShePoet ... if you read this, post a note
so we all know you're ok.
We miss you!"


Anonymous said...

Must be fate, I just logged on and yours was the first post I seen. Don't feel bad, I totally understand. I wasn't offended at all my dear. I thought you didn't see the post. I didn't expect any reciprocation of any kind. I'm really a behind-the-scenes kind of girl. You have an awesome blog, of which I enjoy your writing. Thank you!

Crazy Mo said...

She Poet: Right back at ya!

Clippy Mat said...

i have some stuff what'll get them water rings offa ya walnut desk.
don't menshun it.