Monday, November 2, 2009

Halloween 2009

Puppy is not excited about Halloween.

Someone's knocking at the door
every two minutes.

There are little people
(strangers, no less!)
dressed in scary costumes.

He's not a happy camper.

So I was a little surprised
at his reaction to the first

a curly blonde
two-year old

"OOOOoooo," I exclaimed.
"The dog LOVES bunnies."

Mom knew exactly what I was
talking about and we laughed.
Puppy wasn't too sure though,
and backed away.

"We have a big dog too," says Mom.
"She loves him."

And to prove the point,
the cute little Bunny holds out her hand.

I don't know what Puppy was thinking ...
maybe he thought she had a treat.
But he ran full tilt at her
and licked her face
from her chin
right up to her forehead.

One giant slurp.

I was a little worried about their reaction,
but Mom laughed and
the little bunny squealed in delight.
She gave Puppy a big hug
and they were instant best friends.

I don't think I'm ever
going to figure this dog out.

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