Tuesday, November 17, 2009

'Tis Already the Season

I can't believe it's here.
We're still eating
Halloween candy
and the stores are already
hauling out
Christmas crap
and playing carols.

It's no wonder everyone is
stressed out this time of year.
How many times can you listen
to Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer
before you go postal on someone?

To make matters worse, someone
who shall remain nameless
*cough* Cousin Alex *cough*
already sent out their Christmas cards!

Slow down woman!
You're making the rest of us look bad!!

Despite my ranting and raving, though
I got a great kick out of this video.
I stole it from Nasira,
who posted it on Facebook.

I especially love
"Seven Eleven Workers" and
"Eleven-Syllable Names".

Very clever!


Alex said...

First you make fun of me on facebook now you blog about me...

Not only are you not getting a Christmas card next year I'm telling mom on you and you're getting nothing but COAL for Christmas!!!

Jenny Brown said...

OMGosh! Christmas cards already? WOW.....I only wish I could be so "On the Ball!" Kudos, Cousin Alex, by the way! .......I'm still trying to organize my life, get over Halloween and plan my Thanksgiving. And I haven't even started Christmas shopping yet! I'll bet Cousin Alex is already done. (I think I might want to grow up and be just like Cousin Alex....she seems to have her SH_T together!) :):)