Monday, November 30, 2009

And we're back ...

I'm back!
Although my pants say otherwise,
I lucked out and didn't gain a pound!

We met quite a cast of characters
while on vacation.
Of course, everyone was given a nickname.

Side Show Bob
Is really named Marco.
He was the entertainment director
who wore a wild Rasta wig,
hence the name.
Oddly, he understood
who we were talking about
when we called him this.

Duff Man
Is really named Cesar.
Cesar was one of the bartenders
who pushed the Dos Equis beer cart
around the pool.
Needless to say,
Cesar quickly became our BFF.

Dos Equis Man
If you've ever seen the Dos Equis commercial,
you know what I'm talking about.
The Husband came back from a
bathroom break
to tell us he just met
the Most Interesting Man in the World
from the Dos Equis Commercial.
It seems that while TH was washing his hands,
the old guy clapped him on the back and asked
"Are you having fun my friend?"
TH pointed him out to me one night.
He was the spitting image of the old guy!
"Stay thirsty my friend"
became the slogan of the trip.

Comic Book Guy
The epitome of an IT Geek,
this guy was overweight,
had unkempt hair, a scraggly beard
and wore a ragged grey sleeveless shirt
every day in the pool.

I'm pretty sure I saw this spoiled brat
on some Sweet Sixteen show.
She was so rude and demanding
to the staff.
Someone needed to bitch-slap
this blonde bimbo.

Titanic Lady
There was this cute old white-haired bitty
who looked strikingly like the old lady
from the movie Titanic.
She walked about with a walker,
but surprised us one morning
by walking quite briskly without it.

Aunt Bea
We met an elderly couple half-way through the trip.
They retired to Mexico 30 years ago.
We introduced Aunt Bea to a
marvelous drink called a Dirty Monkey.
Rum, cafe liqueur, cream and banana.

But not to be outdone,
TH re-christened our friend Karen, as

We were sitting at the swim-up bar.
(not surprising, we spent a lot of time there!)
Crayon was wearing a blue bathing suit.
TH, having had a few, suddenly starts laughing,
points at Crayon and says, giggling,
"Mon Crayon est bleu!"

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