Monday, May 10, 2010

Still Going Strong

Just came back from a wild party in Sudbury,
celebrating Memère's 100th birthday.

Well ... as wild as that kind of party can get.

She was in good spirits and,
other than having some difficulty walking,
is in pretty good health.
Not bad, considering she's a century old.

We drove up on Friday.
TH and I stopped at the French River
for a picnic lunch.

Notice we have placemats?
TH's doing.
*cough* queer *cough*

This rest stop is very pretty.
And very quiet.
I took a few other pictures.

We spent the evening with my parents.
I haven't seen them in a while,
so it was really nice to just relax.
Well ... as much as you can relax
when playing Mario Brothers.

Memère's party was on Saturday.
We woke up to this lovely weather:


But this didn't deter anyone from coming to the party.
We're a hardy bunch, if nothing else.

My aunts and uncles arranged for certificates
from various people, including
the Mayor of Sudbury,
the Prime Minister of Canada, and
the Pope.

Various grandchildren were selected
to present Memère
with the certificates.

I presented the Mayor's congratulations.

We played cards with Memère.
She won every hand.
Actually, it's not that she won every hand,
but she didn't lose either.

I'm telling you,
the old woman cheats!

While we're playing cards, an old man shows up.
I don't recognize him.
Neither do the other people playing cards.
He leans over to Memère and gives her a kiss.
On the mouth!
I look over at Cousin Alex.
"I'm sure he's a cousin," I say.

Apparently not.
Turns out, he's one of Memère's card playing buddies.
Does this sound clandestine or what?
He tells us they've been playing cards for ages.
Then proceeds to tell us he's 98 years old.
Cousin Alex pipes up, "Well, Memère likes them young!"
We all laugh.
Even Memère.
And Cousin Alex turned a deep red!

Then time for cake.

Notice the earrings and broach.
And her nails are just so.
It's not for the party.
She's always done up like this.
Memère is a bit of a diva.

When we left the party,
it was still going strong.
And Memère was in the middle of it all.
God bless her!

Despite the snow,
there was no accumulation.
But it did make for a pretty drive home.

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