Thursday, May 20, 2010

Dinner for Two

TH made dinner last night.
Not that this differs from any other night.
The fact is, I work stupid hours.
And since he usually gets home at least an hour and a half before me,
it makes sense for him to make dinner.

Not to mention that he's waaaay better at it.

I'm thinking of starting a new blog for him.
He really does deserve it.
Dinner by TH
or maybe
Creations of a Would-Be Chef
but more likely
Chef by Default

On Tuesday, he made homemade hamburgers and frites.
While that was all cooking, he was chopping veggies
and throwing them into a bowl.
I asked him if he wanted lettuce for the salad.
He said no, "This is for tomorrow."

What's tomorrow?

"It's the day after today."
Smart ass.

He said he was coming up with something for dinner.
Said it with that grin he has that says he's up to something.
I was scared.

But then, I was downstairs on the computer,
putting some time into my book,
and this delicious aroma wafts down the stairwell,
and seduces me.

I walk upstairs.
"Smells good in here," I say,
trying to get a look at what he's doing.

"Good," is all he says.
He won't give up his secret.
I hate that about him.

I came home from work yesterday,
late as usual,
though not as late as normal.

"I can make up sausages
to go with the salad if you want," he says.

I start to drool. "Perfect!"

"Good thing," he says, and walks downstairs.
He's already boiled the sausages
and now he's going to BBQ them.

We pop open a couple of beers and sit outside while they sizzle.
How much more romantic can it get?

I didn't get a shot of the sausages,
but I did take a picture of the salad.
Am I a lucky girl, or what?!

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