Thursday, May 27, 2010

Breakfast of Champions

So, Robi and I are at Union Station this morning,
doing the daily coffee/breakfast run.

Timmies for Boss #1.
I decided on Timmies, too.
Robi had a craving for Mickey Dees.

We're standing in line at the Golden Arches.
An older man with a rolling suitcase
(I'll give him late 60s, early 70s)
was in front of us.
It appeared that he changed his mind,
decided against McDonalds for breakfast,
and he started to leave the line.

He turns around and asks me:
"Do you know if somone sells ice cream around here?"

Without hesitating, I put on a mock stern face.
"Are you having ice cream for breakfast, sir?
Didn't your mother raise you better than that?!"

He laughed.
"I can have whatever I want for breakfast."

I have a new hero!

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