Monday, May 31, 2010

On the Road Again


After two years of waiting ...

That's me on the left.
TH's is on the right.

With our crazy schedules,
we haven't been out for two years.
It seemed that whenever we got the chance to go for a ride,
it would be raining.

Me and Mother Nature don't always see eye to eye.

Not to mention that there's something wrong with my bike.
TH changed the battery,
drained the old gas out of it,
and it's working better,
but still not perfect.

It's not accelerating like it should,
and seems to top out at 120 km.
Which I appreciate is fast,
but I know it can easily
and comfortably,
do 140 km.

TH is going to bring it in for service.
He thinks the carburetor needs cleaning.

But that didn't stop us from going out for a ride yesterday.
It was a gorgeous day!
We went out for breakfast
(I love to go out for breakfast!)
meandered out to Lindsay,
then wandered back,
stopped to pick up some tarts at a bakery,
and headed back home.

I have the oddest tan sunburn.
Raccoon eyes, since I was wearing goggles.
A nice V-burn down my throat.
And my forearms ... from my elbow to just above my wrist ...
the only part of my arm exposed from wearing
a three-quarter length sleeve and gloves.

I look like a dork.
A biker dork,
but a dork, nonetheless.

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