Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Out of Town Guests

So, I have this friend at work.
We'll call her POB.
Pissed Off Bride.

POB has a psycho future Mother-in-Law.
I've told POB to run away.
While she can.
She won't listen.

It's your funeral wedding.

The stories POB has told make me wonder if the MIL
is living vicariously through her.

She insists that the wedding be a certain date,
so that it works with HER schedule.
To hell with the bride and groom.

She tells people she's paying for the wedding,
when she's not.

And she's giving POB a hard time on her choice of attire.
Honey, if you want to wear pink cowboy boots under your dress,
you go girl!

But the icing on the cake, was the guest list.
POB was presented with
a very long list of guests
from the MIL.

She sent it back.
Pare it down.
We don't have the budget for this.
MIL sends it back.
These are all people who MUST be invited.
So POB sends out invitations.
One, in particular, is sent back.
She spends weeks tracking down a new address.

Only to find out the person is deceased.
Passed away EIGHT YEARS AGO!

I say,
If MIL really wants this person at the wedding,
she should pay for the travel arrangements.

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