Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Layers of Yummy Goodness

When I posted the pictures from Memère's birthday party,
I was scrolling through the other pictures on my camera.
It's surprising how many pictures I have on that thing.
I should probably do something about that.

Anyhooooo ....

I came across a few that I had meant to post ages ago.

TH's parents know he's a pretty good cook.
So my Father-in-Law hits him up.

"Son," he says, in his thick accent.
"I haven't had lasagna in a long time.
Would you like to make us some lasagna?
I could buy the noodles for you."

TH rolls his eyes and smiles.
It's really hard to deny the FIL.
He must be the sweetest man on earth.
I'm thankful TH inherited that gene.

"Yes, dad," says TH, with a laugh.
"I'll make you a lasagna."
Thinking it will be a week or so.


The next day, we get a phone call.
"I bought the noodles.
When can you come over?"

So TH made lasagna:

You can see the mouth-watering layers of spinach and Ricotta.
The oozing goodness of Mozzarella.
The crisp edges of the top layer.

I'm so happy I married a gay man good cook.

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