Saturday, July 11, 2009

Sweet Alex

You may recall a previous post regarding a prompt from Pictures, Poetry & Prose. It featured my own photograph of chocolate.

Alex sent me a poem she wrote, with this message:

I'm not brave enough to blog it but I have to write it to you cuz I know you won't criticize and if you do it's okay cuz I know you love me. Yeah I know COWARD...but was too chicken to post it.

Perhaps Nephew #2 has actually inherited the writing gene from her after all.

And in case you're wondering, she does talk like that.
One giant run-on sentence, followed immediately by a deep breath.
Kidding! She's gonna smack me when she sees me later!

* * *


Is it sweet and sensuous,
or dark and mysterious?

Is it sinful,
or blissful?

Is it one heavenly taste,
or many pounds on your waist?

Why do you care,
go for it, I dare!

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