Friday, July 31, 2009

Harry Potter Day - Le Deux

Yet another Harry Potter Day! Woot! Woot!
Robi, Lady Fairchilde and I are going to see HP in Imax!!
Oh baby!

Just imagine the opening scene with
the Death Eaters flying through London.
On a huge motha screen!

Since the theatre is a fair walk from the office,
And I don't want to carry my usual suitcase/bag with me,
I thought I'd just bring my wallet.
A lovely black Coach wallet that my previous bosses
gave me for Christmas one year.
(Thanks Penny and Jen!)
I can fit everything into this thing.
Money, cards, keys, gum, GO Train ticket.
You name it.

I figured, to pass the time on the way to and from downtown,
I'd play games on my BlackBerry.
Rather than read a book.

But, of course, my ADD got the better of me this morning,
and I simply couldn't concentrate on anything on the train.
As usual, I was sitting with my GO Train Buddy,
who, by the way,
is the biggest sci-fi geek I know.
As much as I love Harry Potter, he loves Star Trek.

So we're playing with our BBs,
exchanging PIN numbers so we could message back and forth.
Mostly to bitch about delayed trains and noisy riders.

And he messages me to test the link.
Types "from GTB"
which, with my dyslexia and ADD, I mistaken for his initials.
Which I know are BG.
So I ask
"What does the "T" stand for?"

He rolls his eyes.
"GO Train Buddy"

God I'm dumb sometimes.
And I laugh and tell him that I thought it was his initials.
Only backwards.
He points out that his initials are actually BSG
"Battle Star Galactica!" he exclaims
eyes all bright,
bobbing his head up and down
grinning madly

"You are such a GEEK!!" I tell him, laughing.
He pretends he's offended (or maybe he's not!)
and tells me if he's a geek then what am I.
"I'm totally a geek!" I admit.
Proud of it too!!

But now I'm thinking, what HP character am I
with the initials MM?
Moaning Myrtle!!

Hmmm ...
wait, that doesn't sound quite right.


Sunshinemeg said...

Harry Potter 3D! Awesomeness! I saw in in the regular theater and it was amazing, but 3D has to be unbelievable. Have fun. Happy weekend.

Clippy Mat said...

I am so far removed from being a geek that a) i don't have a blackberry, know how to play games or why you would need to exchange PIN's? and
b) who is Harry Potter??
enjoy the big screen.
flying death eaters?

Alex said...

You are so Moaning Myrtle...

Quote from your mouth in a megga whiny voice and probably foot stomping as an adult I might add...
"I don't wanna wear my hat!!!"


C said...

i LERVE harry potter, all of them. if they had HP when i was young who knows what my life would have been like today! those movies take me away into fantasy land, i used to create such kinds of things in my head and wish they were real when i was little.
way to go, mo!