Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Word Art

There is a shelf at my desk, on which I have various items, including an accordion folder with items to be filed, which is held in place with a metal book end.

I bought a package of cheap magnetic letters to have fun with. It even came with a little metal plate and a stand ... how cool is that?!

I placed a few letters on the metal bookend. It's not very clear, but the red thing on the left is a lady bug that once belonged to Lady Fairchilde.

Lady Fairchilde and I have somehow evolved the term "Francisco!" to mean a show of excitement, approval, exclamation ... well, you get the point. It comes from the scene in Elf when he goes to work and meets Francisco.

Needless to say, I came to work one day and found this (note that LF was creative with the use of N as C, as there is only one of each letter in the package):

Yesterday, Barna-Boo reconfigured some of the letters, taking a few from the stockpile in the box. There's no question she thinks I'm a dork. I concur. And so say all of you.

And then, today, Barna-Boo did this:

And now my secret is out.


SeƱora Roque said... make me laugh MO...

Mandy said...

I love this! I need one of these! But I'd so get in trouble with what I'd want to spell out. Some that come to my mind for my co-workers are.... "pre-madonna," "wench," "glue-sniffer," "u r gay, admit it," and a few others... On second thought, I better NOT purchase one of these, I'd never get any work done. Good for you though! Thanks for sharing and making me smile. I needed it today!

Optimistic Pessimist said...

i love playing with magnetic letters!

lady fairchilde said...

When do you think "Francisco!" the adjective will get us into the Oxford Dictionary??

Clippy Mat said...

i want a job at your place. :-)