Thursday, July 2, 2009

DWP: Multitasking

Marc, at the Daily Writing Practice, wrote the funniest story.
I urge you to go read it.
It inspired the DWP writing prompt: Multitasking.

My submission ...


sort the darks, from the lights, start making plans for dinner
scrub the counter, wash the dishes, dust the living room
slice tomatoes, chop the onions, add softener to the wash

feed the cat, pick up toys, take the garbage out
check for emails, send replies, stir the bubbling sauce
let the cat out, change the litter, write a thank you note

help with homework, kiss a scraped knee, turn the dryer on
set the table, wash small hands, hang the school award
family dinner, share some stories, let the cat back in

clear the table, finish homework, mend some holey socks
one more email, straighten den, supervise the bath
read a story, say a prayer, start again tomorrow

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Dan Felstead said...

Crazy Mo...
Great minds think post today on my blog is about frenzied multitasking as well! There must be something in the water!