Monday, July 13, 2009

My Potterverse

If you don't live in a cave, then you know that
Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince
opens in theatres on Wednesday.

Lady Fairchild, Robilicious and I are going to the premier.
We've already purchased our tickets.
I sleep with mine under my pillow.
I don't want the Nargles stealing it.

In anticipation of this great event,
the three of us went shopping for Potterphernalia.
At the very least, I expected to find a Quidditch scarf.
But no ...

Not one piece of Potterphernalia to be found.

All I could find was an HP version of the 20 Questions game.
Which, I must say, is still pretty cool.
If you don't know what the 20Q game is, then click on the link.
You can get just a regular one that's not theme specific.
I keep mine at my desk, which entertains the lawyers I work for.
I also bring it on road trips and long flights.
It really is a lot of fun to play with

But I digress (as usual).
This is what my HP 20Q game looks like:

It's a Golden Snitch.
It has wings and everything!
How frickin' cool is that??!

Despite the great find, I am still disappointed,
to say the least,
with the lack of Potterphernalia.
I blame it all on Stephenie Meyer,
the author of the Twilight Series.

It started when the release of the Half-Blood Prince
(originally set for November 2008)
was rescheduled due to the release of the Twilight movie.
She couldn't wait?
Her books were already selling like hotcakes.
Would it have killed her to wait until all the HP movies were released?

And let me point out that Robert Pattinson,
who plays Edward in Twilight,
was first portrayed as Cedric Diggory,
who is branded a hero because he was murdered by

I really thought I'd like the Twilight series.
I tried reading the first book.
Couldn't finish it.
Don't know why ... just couldn't.

So I've been on a bit of an anti-Twilight binge lately.

Then I started writing this post.
And Googled the books and the author.
She has a blog.
(of course she does, who doesn't?!)
I read her post about how she got published.
I hate to admit it, but it's quite inspirational.
She may be my new hero.

Cousin Alex returned Twilight to me on Saturday.
Maybe I'll pick it up again.


Dani said...

You must give it a second chance! I love that series and I'm also a big Harry Potter fan! I don't think it was Twilight's fault the movie was set back. They just jumped on the chance to make their date sooner when Harry Potter wasn't going to release that soon. I think they were delayed for other reasons. :) I'm WAY excited for the new Harry Potter movie too!

lady fairchilde said...

2 more sleeps!!!

Severus Snape - you've been a very naughty boy, and I need to punish you!! Neville, you can watch ;)

Mandy said...

Let me know if you finish the Twilight book and if you like it. I can't get into it either. Of course, I'm not really a vampire or a romantic type. I do like Harry Potter though. I can't wait to read the books with my daughter when she grows older. (Umm, yeah, I haven't read the books yet. Don't punish me for that please). I live my world with my head in the dirt and two years later the buzz finally finds me. So when everyone else is onto the next big thing, I'll just be starting it. But hey, I'll get it at discount prices!