Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Today's Message ...

... is brought to you by Lady Fairchilde

Now, when she first posted this,
Robi and I tried to figure out what she was trying to say.

I saw the u donkey and immediately figured
she was calling me an ass.
No question there.
Not a big surprise either.

But neither Robi nor I could figure out what the chef gr meant.
But knowing that Lady Fairchilde is a foodie,
and also knowing that she is our resident cupcake aficionado,
we assumed it meant Chef Girl
and she just didn't have enough letters.

Turns out, we weren't far off.

It seems that chef gr stands for Chef Gordon Ramsay
from Hell's Kitchen fame.

I don't watch that show very often.
Mostly because it pains me
to hear those poor sods get yelled at ...
they're trying so hard,
under a tremendous amount of pressure,
and he cusses at them!

Quite frankly, it reminds me too much of work.


Anonymous said...

ucrzygrl...iluv cgr .... u bloodeecow....

Evil Twin's Wife said...

That show is kinda funny, though. I never seem to catch it, but if it does happen to be on, you better believe I'm glued to it!

septembermom said...

Gordon Ramsey really gives it to those cooks. He has no problem throwing insults around at everyone. You better have a thick skin to work in his kitchen. I wouldn't last:)

Sabrina said...

Are you a foodie? Like Bourdain?

Clippy Mat said...

i just want somebody to give chef gr as big a tongue lashing as he loves to dish out to others. just ONCE.
nobody will stand up to him.