Monday, August 10, 2009

Guest Blogging at C. Beth Blog

I am guest-blogging over at C. Beth Blog.
Now before you go rushing over there,
it is important to read this post.
I need to explain and apologize .

First ...

The explanation:

When C. Beth originally asked for guest bloggers,
ages ago,
I was still new at the whole blogging thing.
I had never read a guest post
and therefore didn't know what it was really all about.

I guessed
(somewhat correctly)
that it involved someone else
writing the post
for that person's blog.

What I didn't realize is that the guest blogger
(in today's case ... me)
is supposed to do the preamble.
I thought the host blogger did that.
I expected C. Beth to say,
in an Ed Sullivan sorta way ...

"And now, ladies and gentlemen,
today we have a reeeeely big shoooo!
Our next guest blogger,
all the way from Canada ...
Crazy Mo!"

Or something to that effect.

Which brings me to ...

The Apology:

In hindsight
(and I will be sure to do this next time)
I should have added a little bio
something like ...

Hi everyone!
I'm Crazy Mo.
And as the name would imply I'm a little nuts.
Not so bright either.
As my friends will attest to.

I'm honoured that C. Beth selected me
as a guest blogger.
She is one of the first bloggers I followed
and probably the sweetest one I know.

I find both this blog and her
One-Minute Writer blog
to be quite inspirational ...
not only her post,
but the comments from followers, as well.

So, without further ado,
I give you my Guest Blog,
aptly inspired by The One-Minute Writer:

So I apologize.

I should have been a little more aware
of Blogger Protocol.
Instead, I look like a pompous goof,
who assumes that everyone knows who I am.
In reality, only the voices in my head truly know me.
Please believe that the intro above
is what I would have written ...

... if I wasn't a ditz disguised as an idiot.

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Clippy Mat said...

who are you again?
just kidding.
off to check it out. :-)