Thursday, August 6, 2009

Full Moon Madness

I've been feeling uncomfortable in my own skin the last couple of days.
This has been happening quite frequently.
And with some consistency.
I really should have picked up on it.
But didn't.
Colour me blonde.

It's a full moon phase right now.

Not to mention that Devi pointed out
that it's yet another eclipse
of said full moon.
Which magnifies its effects.

No frickin' kidding!

Everyone is going bonkers lately.

This morning, GTB
—that's GO Train Buddy, for those of you playing along,
and he will henceforth be named as such—
was telling me about how his morning was going downhill.
Of course, being the compassionate friend that I am,
I laughed at him.

In hindsight, I should have known better.
That came back to bite me ... threefold.
Damn rule!

MY day was going fine until I got to work ...

The photocopier went haywire as I was rushing for a meeting.
The equipment I ordered for said meeting wasn't set up.
Then the projector in that boardroom wasn't working.
So we move everyone over to another boardroom.

And we have students starting on Monday.
There's this huge fiasco to remove boxes stored in their office.
They're not MY boxes,
but some dunderhead insists on ignoring that fact,
and keeps asking me to move them.
You want them moved ... YOU move them.
Knock yourself out, honey!

I'm surrounded by idiots.

If the moon doesn't begin waning soon,
heads are gonna roll!

Literally, yo.


devi said...

karma is not defined in the western mind as "do unto others", karma is defined as "watchit coz it'll bite you in the tukus"

Lee said...

You would not BELIEVE the crazies in the ER last night. 8 straight hours of nutso patients. Thank God for nurses.....I could not do their job. And they always say the full moon brings out the whack jobs.

Clippy Mat said...

full moon eh? that explains a lot
re the boxes, why not move them to the office of the person who wants them moved, aka the dunderheid. that'll teach her/him/them.

Crazy Mo said...

@devi - my tukus as been duly bitten!

@Lee - feel better soon, my friend! Make sure BJ takes good care of you.

@Clippy Mat - don't think it hadn't occurred to me. I actually had visuals of piling them up on her desk. Ruddy sod!