Friday, June 19, 2009

Happy Birthday, Sis!

Tomorrow is cousin Alex's birthday.
She's 25.
She's been 25 for a very long time.

So have I.
Some day we'll grow up.

Alex and I call each other sister.
We each have a brother.
Mine's pretty cool.
Hers is a bit of a pooh head.
He's a big pooh head.

But I digress.
As always.
You should be used to it by now.

Alex and I are surprisingly alike.
It's scary really.
When we're together, we finish each other's sentences.
We'll say the same thing at the exact same time.
Then laugh.

We have lots of great memories.
And we're constantly making new ones.

I remember hiding in Alex's cold room.
It was filled with the usual things.
Cans and jars of various food items.
We each took a jar of green olives.
Sat on the floor, cracked open our jars and gorged.
Until we were sick.
We still gorge on olives.

I remember sitting on the well outside the house.
Until two o'clock in the morning.
Eating all the macaroni and cheese in one sitting.
Trying on all of mom's clothes in her closet.
That was a great weekend.

I remember staying up late.
Waiting for Santa.
Hearing him on the roof.
And quickly squeezing our eyes shut.
Hoping he wouldn't notice we were still awake.

So many great memories, Sis.
And so many more to come.
You're always there for me.
You never judge.
You never scold.
You never say I told you so.
Even though you should.
To all of those things!

Thanks for everything.
Happy Birthday, Sis.
I love you!


Alex said...

Thanks sis,
You know that feeling you get when you take in a big breath through your nose then let it out in a big sigh and your shoulders go down while the stress oozes right out of you?
Well, you're my sigh in life.
I love you too!

septembermom said...

Very sweet note! Happy Birthday to Alex!

Evil Twin's Wife said...

What a sweet birthday wish. I hope she has a very happy birthday, too!