Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Bonne Fête Memère!

Today is Memère’s 99th birthday.
Go Memère!
The whole fam damily is getting together in Sudbury this weekend to celebrate.
The Gods willing, we’ll celebrate her 100th birthday next year.

Although she’s not really getting around much, she does get dressed up every day and sits in her chair and watches a little t.v.
She has her hair and nails done every week.
She looks absolutely amazing.

She has visitors every day and insists on playing cards.
We know she's still with it because if it's your turn and you dally,
she'll call you out and tell to hurry up and play.
She takes her cards seriously, this woman, and only plays for money.
Ante may only be a dime, but it's still money.

I overheard The Husband talking to The Boy the other night:

Yeah, we’re going up north for Mo’s grandmother’s 99th birthday.
I know! It’s just fabulous.
Yeah, well, if it does run in the family don’t count on any inheritance.



Penny said...

Congratulations to Memere! And happy birthday to her!

Busy Bee Suz said...

Happy birthday to her, she does look wonderful. I Love an old lady with wit in her...like my crazy grandma!

Angie said...

Wish her a wonderful birthday from me....

Alex said...

I have that picture!
Can't wait until Saturday.
Happy Birthday Memere!
(I hear you Chris, inlaws are the same for us...lol)
sorry sis!

septembermom said...

Happy Birthday to Mermere! What a lovely woman:)

Little Miss Sunshine State said...

Memere still looks like she is as sharp as a tack.

It's wonderful that you still have her.

Sabrina said...

My great grandmother lived to be 102. She shot a coyote out of a tree in her backyard at 99! I know what you mean!!

C said...

lol @ sabrina!

memere doesnt look a day over 60!
bless her lil card-playing-money-bettin'-heart!