Friday, June 26, 2009

Like Auntie, Like Nephew

Nephew #2 sends me text messages on a regular basis.
He doesn't have his own cell phone.
He uses his mother's.
(that's cousin Alex for those of you who aren't following along.)

The first few times he did it, it was really odd.
I'd get a text message from Alex that made absolutely no sense.
"We're winning 2 - 0."

Um ... OK ... Huh?!

He finally clued in that he was freaking me out
and started preceding his texts with "Nephew here ..."

I get several text messages a week from this kid.
It's great.

He graduated from High School on Wednesday.
Alex sent me a text message to say that they bought him a cell phone.
Knowing that I'd want to be the first to send him a message,
she sent me his number.

So, I sent him this message:

Hey kiddo! It's Auntie Mo. Congratulations on your graduation. I'm so proud of you! XO.
PS. And congrats on the new fone. Sweet!

What do I get back in reply?


Clearly things have changed.
He has his own phone now.
He doesn't have to use his mother's.
Who has probably told him,
Yeah, you can use my phone to text Auntie Mo,
but not all your friends.

So now that he can text his friends,
I'm at the bottom of the list.
Oh well.
It was good while it lasted.

Despite the one-word response,
N#2 seems to be doing well with his writing.
It must run in the family.

Alex sent me an email the other day.
N#2 brought home various pieces of poetry he had written over the school year.
He received the highest marks for imagination on this one:

"Writer's Block"

You can't think of anything
Trying to finish your poetry homework
Can't even think of a topic and it's due tomorrow.
I have writers block.

It's the worst thing in the world to have
Harder to deal with then a broken arm
More annoying then the hiccups.
I just can't think of something to write.

I go over tons of possible topics
I can't think of anything to write after the title
I ask everyone what to write about and no one can help me.

There are so many distractions around me, can't concentrate
It's like I have the attention span of a squirrel
It's driving me cray!
I got it, the one thing that makes me tick like a clock is writers block.

I can totally relate to that, kiddo!

As much as I like that one, this is, by far, my favourite:
(Note: he really does have pink fuzzy socks)

"Ode To My Pink Fuzzy Socks"

I awake in the morning
To a loud annoying beeping
I get out of my bed and slip on my
Pink fuzzy socks

My socks look like a bright pink flamingo
And feel like a fat furry cat
As I slop them on
It feels like I am cuddling a big soft teddy bear

My walk to school feels like I am walking
On the clouds of Heaven
They cushion my feet as I spring down the field

I get home from school
Put my socks in the wash
And then go to bed

My socks are as lonely as a stray cat
Sitting, waiting in the dryer all night long
For me to come and rescue them

I lay awake all night in my bed
Watching the clock tick tock away
Waiting for the clock to hit 7:00 am
So I can put on my Pink Fuzzy Socks and start a new day.


Sunshinemeg said...

Love the nephew story. "Hey"

Alex said...

I know he doesn't get his writing from me and his father miss spells two letter
The genes are all yours sis...

Dani said...

That's great! Sounds like he's turning into a teen... adventures! :)