Friday, June 5, 2009

Red Ball Project - June 5, 2009

The Red Ball Project has hit Toronto.

Artist, Kurt Perschke, has created a project that makes us aware of the synergy between art and the urban landscape.

I rolled my eyes when I read that too.

I don't consider this to be art.
It's a big red ball.
The thing is 15 feet in diameter.
Weighs 250 pounds.
It's big.

Who cares about the artistic integrity of the redness.
Against the juxtaposition of the concrete jungle.

I may not think that's art,
But that's a huge ass ball
And there's no two ways about it ...
That's frickin' cool, man!!

I was talking to BJ and telling her about the Red Ball Project. "How do they get it in place?" she asked. "Do you think they just roll it down Yonge Street Indiana Jones style?" Then we started musing about how this sucker gets blown up. BJ's making blowing noises into the phone, as though she's blowing this thing up manually. "OK," she pants, "Your turn." I figure they'd get dizzy too fast, so I'm guessing bicycle pump.

The first day of the Toronto tour was at Nathan Phillips Square.
Lady Fairchilde and I took a walk and snapped some pics.

The next location that we plan to visit is First Canadian Place next Tuesday.
Stay tuned for more pics.


lady fairchilde said...

wow, the pics turned out remarkably well considering we couldn't even see them onscreen due to the sunshine! i love the last one - it reminds me of cartman's belly straining over his waistband!

p.s. i still stick to the theory that someone ran in the ball hampster-style to get it to its destination!

septembermom said...

My son will get a kick out of this! I'm going to show him the pictures in the morning. Thanks, it's cool!

Optimistic Pessimist said...

Hmmm....very interesting..a big red ball!

Anonymous said...

I totally think this is art, but it's not totally about aesthetics. In fact, I think that's the least of the artist's concerns. What but art creates such a dialogue between people and manifestation--a provocative idea if you are brave enough to execute it.

Little Miss Sunshine State said...

Yep. That's a big-ass ball!