Tuesday, June 9, 2009

A fly on the wall

When Lady Fairchilde and I went to Nathan Phillips Square for the Red Ball Project, we wandered around to see what else would catch our eye and be a good photo opp.

This definitely caught my eye.
And is a helluva photo opp.

Is this Flyie Style??

These two were so preoccupied that they let me get quite close. LF tried to get close too, but this proved to be too much. The Bottom Fly scuttled off, with the Top Fly still holding on. Props for stamina!

I bet they knew we were taking their picture and didn't want it to end up on the Internet, a la Pamela Anderson.

Too late.
Wait 'till the other flies hear about this one!


Dani said...

hahaha! Oh dear.

septembermom said...

Very funny. No privacy even for the insect world:)