Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Bonne Fête à Moi

Today is my birthday.
Don't ask.
I'm old.
Oh, alright.
I'm 43.
I've already received more than a dozen FaceBook messages.
Plus emails and texts.
My BlackBerry may implode.

As usual, Birthday Week is hectic.

Monday was Spanish class.
Yesterday I had dinner and drinks with girlfriends.
Tonight, more dinner and drinks.
Tomorrow I have plans.
Then off to Sudbury on Friday to celebrate Memère’s birthday.

And wouldn't you know ...

I get in to work today and Boss #2 immediately asked me to book Night Staff for tonight.
"How late do you think you'll need someone?" I ask, thinking maybe until 8 or so.
"How late can we have someone?"
I try to remember what the current protocol is.
We used to have around-the-clock secretary staff.
"I think 1 or 2 am now."
He thinks about this. "Hmmm. Can we get someone later if we need it?"


Well, at least he didn't ask ME to stay.
I'm having martinis tonight with the girls.
I have my priorities straight.

However, it's clearly going to be a crazy day.
I'm definitely going to need a few drinks tonight.
And something tells me I'll deserve it.

A dry martini, please, Bombay Sapphire, straight up, stirred, with olives.

Just practicing my line.

Wait! Make it a double!!


Evil Twin's Wife said...

Happy Birthday! Enjoy your drinks. :-)

Jennifer Peters said...

Mo, you just crack me up!! lol Enjoy Hon!!

septembermom said...

Happy Birthday!! Enjoy those martinis! I bet you'll write more and more great stories and poems over the next year.

Good to be a Queen said...

Happy Birthday Mo! Someone told me life get's better at 40...she was 32....I turned 48 this past March, Enjoy the rest of your day.....

C said...

awwww happy birthday, mo mo...

you impress me with your french... as i speak it as well. are you fluent?

j'espere que tu suis tres hereurse aux j'ourduis !


Dan Felstead said...

Crazy Mo...
H A P P Y B I R T H D A Y ! !

Have a martini for me tonight!


Little Miss Sunshine State said...

Gahhhhh! I missed your birthday.
Find me on facebook....Jeanne Perry