Thursday, April 30, 2009

Back from the Great White North

So I'm back from visiting La Famille. It was great to see everyone. I don't get up there nearly as often as I'd like.

Mom, Cecile, Alex and I spent hours playing School. Not the kind where one of us stands at the front and pretends to write on a chalk board. I'm talking about the card game. Highly addictive. Takes some dexterity as the final hand has you holding 20 cards. Not easy, I tell ya. I think I stayed behind in Grade 2 four times in a row! This is the end of a hand. Looking at the lists with the orange Post-it Notes, it looks like we're at Grade 9 here. I'm pretty sure Alex won this hand.

Mom made her usual feast-dinner. Homemade egg rolls, fried rice, lemon chicken, cashew chicken, steamed veggies. Mmmmmm!

And for dessert? Skor cake. Scores!!

We went to visit Memere while we were there. She was in great spirits, joking around with us and laughing. It was just Mom, Alex and I who went to visit. Cecile wasn't feeling well and stayed home to rest so she could come over later to play cards. Clearly, she has her priorities straight!

But in the middle of our visit, Cecile's husband, Ken, shows up. He walks into Memere's room and asks where Cecile is. We laughed, because we thought he was joking and Cecile was actually hiding behind him. In fact, Mom went out into the hallway to check, just to be sure. But no Cecile. Ken explains that when he left this morning to go golfing, he left Cecile in bed and had closed the locked door behind him. But left his keys inside. Nice going, Ken! When there was no answer, he assumed she was at Mom's and went over to get a key. Budge told him that everyone had gone over to visit Memere and he assumed she was with us. Mom gave him her key to their house (it's Sudbury ... everyone has keys to everyone's house) and sent him on his way.

Memere's hearing is bad and she couldn't hear the conversation, so she was confused as to why Ken was there, then suddenly left. So Mom says to Memere: "Ken came to get a key because he was locked out of the house." This doesn't really explain it to Memere, so I added "But it's ok, because Cecile threw all of Ken's things out onto the front lawn so he'll be alright." This seems to clear it up, because Memere laughed and said "Good for Cecile!"

Good to know that at 99, Memere still has our backs!


Little Miss Sunshine State said...

I love hearing about your Memere. I miss mine soooo much.

Your card game sounds a little like Phase 10 that my Mom taught me. Can you send me the rules for School?

marathoner81 said...

School??!!! A highly addicitve card game...sign me up, because if there's one thing I could use in my life right now it's another another addiction! Seriously though, I've never played, but it looks awesome and I'm going to look it up on and give it a go. I'm holding you responsible if I get addicted.