Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Sleeping Arrangements at the Crazy Household

The livestock, as The Husband calls them, have their own special sleeping idiosyncrasies.

As I've mentioned before, Kitty is a bitch and doesn't get along with Puppy. So she lives happily sequestered in the master bedroom. Most days, we don't bother making the bed. Kitty tends to bury herself under the covers and I feel guilty taking away her happy place.

But a messy bed = a messy bedroom.

Not that I'm the best housekeeper. In fact, I really suck at it. The place only gets a good cleaning when we have company. Just ask The Husband. But once in a while I get on a bit of a tidy bender and need to be neat for a while. I'm in Tidy-Mode right now. So the bed is made every morning. Which pisses off Kitty even more.

When the bed is made, she tends to bury herself within the pile-o-pillows.

See ...
there's a little orange furball amongst all those pillows.
Look closely.

She peaks out to see what's going on.

It's you.
I was napping you know.
Go away.

Do you mind?!

She's SO cranky!
She's positively glaring at me.

Let's go see where Puppy sleeps.
Come with me to the den.

When we adopted Puppy, we were told that Greyhounds are often caged with newspapers, which they shred to make a bed. In order to transition to living in a home, they like to have blankets. So we dug out some old blankets. Which he seems to really love.

Puppy and I play the Blanket Game.
Every day.

Before I go to bed, I fold his blankets into a pile and put his toys on top.

The multi-coloured thing-a-ma-bob on the left is the toy he came with. The hedgehog in the middle and the cow on the right are the toys we gave him when he came to live with us. He loves his toys. He moves them, one at a time, from one place to another every day. He starts out in the den, then takes them downstairs in the afternoon. Then back up again at night to sleep.

Over the course of the evening, he paws at the blankets and gets them into a comfortable position.

I wake up to this:

Once in a while, we let it go to see what will happen. The blankets usually end up halfway across the room. It can get out of control. So before I go to work, I tidy it up a bit.

You'll note that Mr. Hedgehog is AWOL.
He's probably waiting for Puppy downstairs.
So they can play their reindeer games.


lady fairchilde said...

so cute! almost makes me want to own livestock of my own...ALMOST, but not quite ;)

Busy Bee Suz said...

This is so cute...I love it. Thanks for sharing, you have sweet babies. My cats sleep all over our bed too, and it makes it hard to make the bed. I think they are annoyed slightly when I even make the bed "around" them.
Love how the pup moves his toys around...just adorable.

Ok, I remember yesterday when you said your hubby was gay. I think the real test is this:
Ask him if he likes the flowered bed sheets you have.
If he likes flowers, you have a gay husband. ;0
I just know mine would not appreciate flowers in the bedroom. (I like 'em though)

Crazy Mo said...

@l_f: There are days we wonder what the hell we've gotten ourselves into. But the unconditional love is priceless.

@Busy Bee Suz: He picked the linen. We have a sofa in our living room that has a huge floral print. It was his from his first marriage. He loves it. I hate it. I'm a stripes and plaid kinda girl. Hmmm ... maybe we're both gay. Uh oh.

Evil Twin's Wife said...

That is too cute about the pets. I especially loved the "glare" you got from Kitty. They like to power-nap, don't they? LOL.

Kristina said...

Great post. I wanted to see pictures of The Puppy though!! My dachshund got pissed at us because we decided she could no longer sleep in on our bed (she hogs the bed) and she started growling at us before bed if we didn't let her sleep in our room! Talk about moody...

Little Miss Sunshine State said...

LOVED the kitty pictures..."excuse me woman, you're invading my personal sleeping space"

My old cat used to carefully climb up under the blankets after the bed was made. I would come home from work and find a big lump in the middle of the perfectly made bed.

Domestic Goddess (In Training) said...

My dog does the same thing with the bed. He tunnels under the covers, so I never bother to make it. If I do, I will come back up to find it pulled apart, pillows kicked all over and beagle burrowed underneath the largest lump of comforter.

C. Beth said...

Fun! My dog likes to scratch at blankets, couches, etc. I'm not sure how many scratches make it "just right," but I guess he knows!

I'd love to have you as a "pocket guest poster!" And of course I'd be happy to return the favor. Can you e-mail me at cbethblog (at) gmail (dot) com? Thanks!