Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Apologies 'n such

I've been busy and haven't been a good blogger.
I apologize for that.
Although I haven't been able to comment, I have read most of your posts.
I haven't forgotten about you.
I swear.

I'm off to Sudbury with sister Alex to visit La Famille.
So this is me signing off 'till Sunday.

Looking forward to seeing Mom, Dad, Cecile and Budge (my little brother)
Video games (Mom says she and Cecile have been practicing)
Cards (I usually learn a new swear word)
Great homemade food (Mom's making homemade Chinese food Saturday!)
And just recharging myself

If you want something to keep you busy while I'm gone,
visit me over at Survey Says.
I have survey questions queued for posting Thursday and Friday.
Plus, it'll be fun.
I swear.

See ya'll when I get back!

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