Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Happy Secretary's Day

Today is National Administrative Assistant's Day.
Or something like that.

Honestly, people.
Why is the title 'Secretary' so offensive?
Besides ...
Administrative Assistant is just too damn hard to say.
It doesn't exactly roll off the tongue.
Secretary is easy to say.
Everyone knows what it means.
And if you are one, then you know that you work like a dog.
No sense in glorifying it.

Robi's boss came to see us and says "So, this is Assistant's Week, or Day or whatever." I pointed out that, yes, today is, in fact, Secretary's Day, but for some reason it has been extended to a week. I also pointed that, in reality, it's a year-long celebration.

He nodded sagely.
He's a married man.
He knows to nod at such comments.

"So ... what are the other lawyers doing?" Obviously he was fishing for ideas. Should they do and/or buy something? I was quick to offer "Well, I heard that some lawyers are gifting their secretaries with BMWs. I don't need a BMW myself; me -- I'm quite happy with a Mustang."

My suggestion was laughed off.

But when we came back from a break, I found this on my chair:

Hmmm ...
Well, it's no Mustang.
But it does have potential.

Let's see what's inside, shall we?


Of course, the bosses are on this like a bunch of fat kids on a Smartie. Pointing out which ones they chose, all pleased with themselves, grinning like a bunch of lunatics.

I guess it's a good thing I work for guys who love and appreciate chocolate as much as I do.
Then again, I do have to slap them away from the truffles.
There's always a catch, isn't there?


Clippy Mat said...

now i understand why i saw cards in the drug store that said, 'happy administrative professional's day'.
i was like, 'whut?' 'who?'
the world has gone mad.

can i have a chocolate?

Alex said...

Mmmmmmmmmm road trip munchies!!!

Evil Twin's Wife said...

I never minded the "Secretary" bit. I was an Executive Secretary before Buddy was born. My bosses were so sweet. My birthday and Secretary's Day are either within a day or two of each other or on the same day. They'd send me flower bouquets for BOTH occasions! It was sweet, but I told them they really didn't have to go overboard like that!

Busy Bee Suz said...

Oh happy day....but you have to share? NO WAY.

C said...

gimme gimme godiva!

i lerve it!


Domestic Goddess (In Training) said...

Godiva? That is better than a mustang... Ok, maybe not better but I am pmsing so right now, I would totally take the truffles!!!

lady fairchilde said...


marathoner81 said...

mmmm...I'm drooling just looking at the pictures, but where was the wine????