Wednesday, April 1, 2009

The Coaster Vows

Over at Pictures, Poetry & Prose, Laura Jayne posts a picture and encourages us to write.

I've written a few things. It's a secret passion of mine. I wanted to be a writer. I had planned to go to university in Ottawa and take writing, but just couldn't swing it financially. So I express myself here ... and on everyone else's blog.

Recently, Pictures, Poetry & Prose had a blog titled Thrill Ride. The prompt was to "Include a roller coaster in your writing today." The Husband and I are coaster junkies. And I've always thought that marriage is a roller coaster ride. Thrilling, fun and just a little scary. So I wrote from my heart. I felt pretty good about the piece, but then Laura Jayne commented on it.

Thanks, Laura Jayne, you really made my day! *blush*

Thrill Ride

Do you take this man
to ride with you through life,
through all the ups and downs
the lows and highs?

To chug up the hills and
rush down with terrifying speed.
To take the hairpin curves and
the corkscrew turns.

To hold hands high in the air.
To scream and yell and laugh.
To ride in fair weather.
And still ride despite the rain.

Do you take this man
to be your partner on this ride of life?

I do.
With all my heart I do.


Busy Bee Suz said...

That is just lovely!!! And so true too...but isn't it just the best ride???
Good job.

**here is your diploma**
You don't need no stinkin' university!!

Evil Twin's Wife said...

Excellent! I love it and it sums up married life perfectly. :-)

Angie said...

what a beautiful piece.
perhaps UC should do a line of greeting cards.