Friday, May 1, 2009

Thumb Update -- Twin Thumbs

It's been just over nine weeks. Things are looking good. I've managed to cut everything off that was dead, lifting and just plain gross.

It's becoming quite sore. The nail is growing downward into the thumb. And the part on the left is actually quite thin and not really a nail. So it's very tender.

Whenever Dad says or does something ridiculous -- which is quite often -- Budge and I will point out that there's no way this man could be our biological father. In fact, Budge will argue to the death that he was left on the doorstep. Me ... I'm convinced I'm the milkman's kid. Dad laughs the loudest at all of this.

But after this weekend, I now know that although Dad may not be our father, there's no question that Budge and I are brother and sister.

We have matching thumbs.

It's sometimes hard for Mom to tell us apart.


Busy Bee Suz said...

Oh MY GOSH!!!! That just wigs me out. looks painful.

Domestic Goddess (In Training) said...

I saw photos from a blogger of a cow with her innards.... uh... outtards.... but this is grosser. Wonder why that is?

Evil Twin's Wife said...

Ouchie, ouch, ouch! My eyes, my eyes!

Anonymous said...

A picture really IS worth a thousand words, isn't it? Nicely done. Not gross, just a touch of real life drama in pictures and words. Be prepared for lots of negative verbal comments from people too shy to post a comment on line. I got plenty of those when I posted a photo of my kidney stone on my blog. "Too much information!" they said. "So bite me!" I replied.

Alex said...

Son #1 says "Great, now I know I'm really related to them!" (His is a big toe though. I told him it's the next generation to lose their big toe nail and not their thumb

Sabrina said...

ACK>>>>>mega ouch! I broke my toe recently and it doesn't seem to want to get fully better...this kind of stuff will mess you up!