Monday, May 18, 2009

I'm Luvin' it

I like commercials. I know that sounds weird, but I like them, especially if they make me laugh. I'm also impressed with any commercials that are particularly creative or just simply make you want to buy their product, despite the fact that you probably don't want or need it.

My current fave is the McDonalds commercial with the dad and tomboy daughter.

It brings tears to my eyes every time.

My step-daughter is a goalie.
A kick-ass goalie, if I do say so myself.
And she's a bit of a tomboy.
Doesn't take guff from anyone.

We're so proud!


Busy Bee Suz said...

I have not seen this one....yes, a bit teary for this mom of 2 girls....both have very tomboy moments too. :)

Evil Twin's Wife said...

I haven't seen that one around here. It's very sweet! My girl is only 3, but she's a rough-houser. We'll see how she turns out... :-)

Robin said...

Okay. You made me cry.

Gosh, thanks. :)

(and now I'm stealing the clip...exit, staaage left!)

Domestic Goddess (In Training) said...

Aww that is too cute. My stepdaughter is a bit of a priss, so I wish she was that little hockey gal. Then again, I have two little boys so I guess I have the best of both worlds.

Pearl said...

We don't have this one here yet...


Crazy Mo said...

BBS: At least we know they can take care of themselves, right?

ETW: She has you as a mom ... she'll be great!

Robin: Steal away!!

DGIT: But you'll have someone to spend spa day with ... I'd NEVER get my step-daughter in a spa!

Pearl: I'm beginning to realize that this must be a Canadian commercial, given that Hockey is our national passtime. Perhaps they'll come up with a baseball one for the Americans.

lady fairchilde said...

Yes, this is a good one! But now I'm hungry...what's for lunch today?!