Friday, May 15, 2009

Surrounded by Idiots

I'm cranky today.
I've been cranky all week.
All month!!
Are you happy?

I probably wouldn't be if I wasn't surrounded by idiots.
People act like they're the only ones on the planet.
Like the world revolves around them.
And I know for a fact that this is not true.
Because the world revolves around ME.

Case in point:

In the downtown core, there is an underground pathway system (called the PATH) which is 17 miles long. It is a labyrinth of shops and restaurants connecting several office towers, hotels and shopping malls. Scattered throughout the system are doors that separate various sections of the PATH. There's anywhere from four to eight of them in a long row.

These doors are very heavy.

In rush hour, there is a constant stream of people walking to and fro. Picture a freeway with bumper-to-bumper traffic, only everyone is walking. It borders on organized chaos. There is a steady flow of people going through the various heavy doors.

Two things drive me bonkers:

1. People who cut everyone off to go through the one door that is open.
2. People who don't hold the door for the guy behind them.

The Lemming Syndrome is a huge problem. People are so friggin' lazy and won't move over to another set of doors. God forbid they should open the door themselves! Instead, hundreds of people will bottle-neck and try to go through one door. Yesterday morning, some stupid broad cut in front of me to go through the door I was going through. I made a point of not breaking my stride and stepped on her heel. She gave me a look. I shrugged. "Shouldn't've cut me off. Shoulda opened the other door."

Common courtesy would dictate that you hold the door open for the guy behind you. I don't expect you to wait there. Just give the door an extra push so it remains open a while longer. It's easier to push it a little more open than to try and open those heavy doors from a closed position. This morning, some psycho hose-beast is walking in front of me. She has her purse strung over her shoulder. Both her hands are free. She just skooches in the door and lets it slam in my face. Biotch. The next set of doors is just a few feet away. I'm right behind her and reach past her to open the door. She clucks her tongue at me. Tsk! I looked her in the eye and said "Well, you let the last door slam in my face. Get outta my way."

You mess with the bitch bull, you get the horns.


Anonymous said...

are you serious? this actually happened? GO train peeps are truely in a class on their own... WOW!!! M'Licious :)

Little Miss Sunshine State said...

People who don't hold doors make me nuts.
That's one of the first things I taught my kids. Hold the door every time someone is behind, woman,child,...every time.

Some people have never been taught common courtesy.

devi said...

to quote george castanza's dad:
S E R E N I T Y N O W !

Anonymous said...

People are so strange. Why not hold the door? It bugs me too!

I'm cranky today as well so, don't feel bad. Let 'em have it! ;-)

Robin said...

Just found your blog, and am noticing that there's a recent theme of how incredibly stupid (and rude) other people are.

Amen, sister.

Anyone who doesn't suffer fools is good in my book.

Evil Twin's Wife said...

Okay these two things get on my nerves as well, but there's a third that goes hand in hand with them - allowing people who are getting off the elevator/train car/etc. OFF before you attempt to board. I hate it when people just crowd into some place like that and then the people who would like to disembark are squeezed to the back and have to push through! Grrrrr.

Kristina said...

That would make me put on my cranky pants too. Doesn't it make you want to shake people and say, "SERIOUSLY???"

marathoner81 said...

I've been having the same problem, not sure what is going on. What's wrong with people???