Wednesday, May 6, 2009

It Runs in the Family

Got a text message from Cousin Alex yesterday:

Sitting at the Sports Urgent Care Clinic with Nephew #1. His finger will make your thumb look good. Bent pinkie finger back. Football. EWWWW. I took pictures. I'll email.

And she did. Apparently he was playing football and some kid pushed him so that he wouldn't catch the ball. Oh, he caught it alright!

He must be doing ok, because his only complaints are that "going to the bathroom sucks" and "how am I going to hold my girlfriend's hand and change my songs on my mp3 player or use my phone?"

Well ... as long as he has his priorities straight.

Alex is wondering at what age does a parent stop wiping their child's butt? I figure she's lucky he didn't ask how he was supposed to ... you know ...

For the queasy-hearted, I suggest you stop here. If you have the stomach, go ahead and scroll down ...

Damn, kid! Call me crazy, but that just makes me proud!!


Alex said...

His friend texted him last night and said...
"Damn, that's your right hand no fun for you"
I don't want to know.... (fingers in ears - la la la la la)
(I'm pulling a Mo when knife sharpening)

marathoner81 said...

Wow, it really does run in the family. That looks like it hurts big time!