Wednesday, January 28, 2009

My Nora Obsession

You may have noticed my new blog ... Photography 3460. When you read the first post, you'll understand the concept. I'll be using this blog to expand on some of my posts there.

Today's expansion blog ... Nora Roberts.

I love Nora Roberts. I'm particularly addicted to her trilogies. The problem I have is that I cannot bring myself to buy a trilogy until she has published all three books. I read on the train to and from work. So it doesn't take me long to go through a book. And I simply don't have the patience to wait for her to catch up with me and publish the next book.

So I wait.

Just before we went to Mexico in December, I purchased her most recent trilogy -- The Sign of Seven Trilogy. Spent the entire vacation reading it.

And I wasn't the only one.

At the airport in Toronto, I saw at least six other women reading Nora novels. At the resort, I saw another eight fans. Some of them men! Which I realize shouldn't matter, but these are categorized as romance novels so I'm a little surprised. Although this trilogy is with male protagonists, and there is a little blood and gore, it's still a little weird to see men reading Nora novels.

Then the other day, I saw a man on the GO Train reading Blood Brothers.

Maybe Nora has a new fan base.

Gee ... d'ya think the guys will pick up some romance tips??


Evil Twin's Wife said...

I'm a huge reader, but I don't think I've heard of her. I'm a bit picky, though.

Clippy Mat said...

Me big reader. me no read nora roberts. me like book. me finish colour all pages.
me bored.
me go now.

Contest Chris said...

Doubt it!