Monday, January 19, 2009

Dad's Bribery

I remember when I was four years old.
I was playing in the backyard and got a sliver in my finger.
It hurt!!

My dad sat me on the kitchen counter and attempted to take it out.
I yanked my finger back.
It hurt!!
I was crying and my voice hitched with every word.
I was bordering on hysteria.

I noticed he was eating celery and Cheez Whiz.
"Whats hic that hic?" I asked.

Grasping at the moment, he says: "It's good! You wanna try it?"
I nodded. hic
He gives me a little nibble.

"You want some more?" he asks.
I nodded. hic
"You won't be able to hold onto it with your sore finger.
Let me fix your finger then I'll make you a celery."

I slowly handed my finger over for extraction.

To this day, I can't eat celery and Cheez Whiz without remembering that.


Busy Bee Suz said...

That is SOOO cute. What a great memory. :)

Crazy Mo said...

BBS: I'm really lucky. I'm such a Daddy's Girl!

Contest Chris said...

Great Story!

Evil Twin's Wife said...

What a sweet story! I'm glad you'll always have that. :-)

Crazy Mo said...

Contest Chris: Thanks! Coming from you, I consider that a high compliment.

ETW: Me too! My Dad is a sweetie!!

Ann's Rants said...

I love the 'hic's. Adorable.

Domestic Goddess (In Training) said...

Man, imagine what he could get you to do for graham crackers and frosting!!!!

Crazy Mo said...

Ann's Rants: Sadly, I still hic when I get really upset. Pathetic, really.

DGIT: I'm such a pushover for my dad, it really doesn't take much bribing!