Sunday, January 4, 2009

The Hills are Alive

Thanks to Laura Jayne who inspired today's blog.

We visited Tucson last year. What a beautiful city! Never having seen a desert before, I was absolutely awed by the vastness and majesty of this wilderness. It wasn't as barren as I imagined it would be.

One of the things I especially wanted to see were Saguaro (pronounced "sah-WAH-row") cacti. These are the cacti with arms.

We decided to take a hike along one of the trails. And just to make it interesting, we decide we'll take a trail that will take us up Wasson's Peak ... an elevation of 4700 feet!

As we're starting the trail, we see this run-down building.

We can't see any doors -- only the windows. We start wondering about what kind of building this is. The Husband points out that the trail below us is called the Gould Mining Trail. Since we've experienced some of the history in the area, we know that there were Indians and claim jumpers, so people would have protected their land. The Husband begins imagining some miner or cowboy holed up in the building, pointing a gun or rifle out the windows. "Git off my land you varmits!" he bellows.

We detour and hike down to the building for closer inspection ... turns out it was an abandoned latrine!! Crap! No pun intended, of course. So much for our over-active imaginations.

After about four hours of climbing, we finally get to the top. Our reward? The most breathtaking view!

Hiking Boots ... $215
4 Bottles of Water ... $12
Air Fare to Tucson, Arizona ... $428
Being able to say I climbed a mountain ... PRICELESS!!


Clippy Mat said...

beautiful scenery, great story. but i can't get passed 4 bottles of water for 12 bucks!!
dat's a lotta moolah.

Evil Twin's Wife said...

Beautiful pic!