Monday, November 3, 2008

Witches and Poodles and Dragons ... oh my!!

Halloween was a blast! We had 63 kids trick-or-treating at our house.

Each time someone knocked at the door, Puppy would growl and bark. I don't know why because the moment I opened the door, he'd press his ears back and slowly back away from the monsters. You see, being a retired racing greyhound, Puppy isn't used to anyone shorter than him so he's scared of children.

It didn't help when the cutest little munchkin dressed up like a furry blue duck came toddling up the driveway. I saw him coming so I opened the door. He smiled up at me with the fattest little cheeks (I just wanted to squeeeeeeze them!!).

Then he spies the dog.

"PUPPY!!" he squeals. And fearlessly launches himself at Puppy, clinging to his neck. Puppy doesn't know what to do and very slowly starts to back up, dragging this kid with him. The parents are laughing, I'm laughing, the little duck is laughing. Everyone's laughing except Puppy. Poor guy.

A few more trick-or-treaters later and a Witch, a Poodle and a Dragon show up at the door. The Witch starts babbling away to me, but I don't recognize her. Then her mother comes up the walk. It's the family two doors down. Puppy sees the girls all the time when we go for a walk, but he doesn't seem to recognize the Witch either and there's no way he's getting close enough to smell her! She reaches out to pet him, but he backs away. "It's OK, Puppy!" she croons. "It's a little girl under here. Look!" She whips off her Witch hat. "It's me, Leah!" Puppy immediately recognizes her and happily trots over for kisses.

What a suck!


Alex said...

Awwww... Auntie Alex is proud of puppy. I'll bring you extra biscuits on the 15th...

Clippy Mat said...

ok i agree those little kids are pretty darn cute.
it's just the older, ruder ones i don't like.
i know, i'm a grouch.

Clippy Mat said...

your comments are turned off on the oxyclean post.
and i can't leave a comment.
that's not good.

Crazy Mo said...

I don't know what happened. I've tried deleting the old one, re-inserting it. I even added Test blogs that showed the comments. It doesn't work. Grrrrr!!!

Clippy Mat said...

see my comment on the newer post.

C said...

have any pictures of puppy? he sounds so adorable.