Thursday, November 20, 2008

Biker Bombshell

It's important to look cool when riding your motorcycle. Jeans, t-shirt, hot leather jacket. Chaps if it's cold.

The cool factor is the most important thing about riding. But once in a while, one has a momentary lapse in coolness.

Case in point ...

My friend Kerry is out riding with her boyfriend Rob. It's a cool day, end of the season, the wind is drying and chapping their lips. Their ultimate destination is a shopping mall where Kerry has a hair appointment. In their meandering, they've lost track of time and are now running late. They arrive at the mall. Kerry gets off the bike and heads towards the mall. "Wait!" calls Rob. "Give me your chapstick. My lips are killing me!" She digs in her pocket and tosses him the chap stick, then runs into the mall.

Rob does what we all do when our lips are chapped and liberally slathers chapstick all over his lips, generously applying all around the outside too.

Don't get ahead of me here, wait for it.

Now, you have to picture Rob. He looks like a biker. Big leather jacket, chaps, boots, skull cap, goatee. He gets off the bike and saunters into the mall, stopping here and there killing time while he waits for Kerry. When he gets to the salon to see how she's doing, Kerry bursts out laughing. He frowns. "What?!" She turns him towards the mirror and Rob is mortified. Unbeknownst to him, Kerry passed him her tinted chapstick and he now has Cherry Blaster smeared all over his mouth. He looks like a biker drag queen bag lady.

"No wonder people were staring and snickering!" he says.

No wonder, Rob, No wonder.

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Clippy Mat said...

and nobody had a camera?