Monday, November 17, 2008

Don't Believe Everything You Read

I organized a craft show that was held on Saturday. It was the first craft show I had ever participated in, let alone organized. Talk about blindly jumping in! Despite my inexperience, it turned out to be quite successful. So much so that the other Crafters agreed to participate in a Spring Craft Sale. Needless to say, I'm quite pleased with myself.

However, there was a small glitch.

I received a frantic voice mail message Friday morning. "Hi, Mo? It's Chris at the Ajax Community Centre. You need to call me right away!"

All sorts of things were going through my head ... The room was no longer available. They mixed up the date. The community centre burned down.

So I called him back.

"Listen," he says. "Do you have a sign on the lawn on Harwood?"


"Some of the neighbourhood kids have re-arranged the letters on your sign."


"And you're now advertising for an Anal Sex Show."

Oh crap!

After my fit of laughter, I called Michael the sign guy and told him what happened. He was mortified and said he was right around the corner and he'd go over right away and fix the sign. I'm kicking myself that I didn't get a picture of it! I mean, really, that's quite creative!

Alex was at the show and says she saw two young single guys walk in and look around. She said by the looks on their faces, they were really confused. They looked at each other, frowned, shook their heads in a "this ain't it" sorta way and walked out.

The Husband pointed out that at least we know the money we spent on the sign wasn't wasted. Advertising works!

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Clippy Mat said...

damn. you SHOULD so have gotten a picture. that would have been great. :-)