Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Check your mail

Coming home late from an event downtown, we took the subway home. Arriving at Wilson Station, The Husband decides he should visit the loo before taking the bus home.

So I wait on the bench outside while he goes in.

Not 5 seconds later he comes racing out of the bathroom, skidding to a stop a few feet away. He looks up at the signs, looks over at me, hangs his head and goes into the other door.

I look up at the signs. Women. Ha!

When he came out, I was still giggling. He sheepishly explains "I noticed that there weren't any urinals, but I didn't think anything of it. Figured maybe it was some new concept the TTC was trying. Who knows, right? So I go in a stall. Then I see the mail box. This isn't right!"

Let's hope Canada Post doesn't deliver there.

1 comment:

Clippy Mat said...

LOL 'the mailbox' was the giveaway?!
good 'un.