Friday, November 21, 2008

That's Hot Baby!

I recently changed jobs. Departments really. I now work with some pretty crazy people. Coming to work is fun.

More often than not, one of us will have a craving for something and, in the spirit of sisterhood, the others will follow.

Yesterday, Frantastic had a craving, announced that she was going to McDonalds for Flap Jacks and promptly re-named yesterday Jeudi Gras.

I didn't feel like Flap Jacks, but got the Cinnamon Melts. OMG!! This is Heaven!!

The bottom right hand corner caught my eye.

Is the caution a reference to the Cinnamon Melts or was someone in Marketing feeling a little frisky one day?


frantastic said...

ok, i was going to let the mercredi gras slip, however i cannot turn a blind eye to your misnomer of Flap Jacks! Flap Jacks are what one would find on the chestal region of an 87 year old woman. what I had a craving for was HOT CAKES (with sausage, to be precise) know, kinda like moi!

you're lucky i'm not the jealous type and will never hate you because you're 'beautiful'...


Clippy Mat said...

shoulda left his picture next to THAT comment.
and what kind of slack legal establishment are YOU working in lady? shouldn't you all be eating dainty cucumber sandwiches with the crusts off?
sounds like a lack of discipline in this firm.

Crazy Mo said...

See why I need you to proof my blogs, Frantastic? What would I do without you?? You're such a flacon de neige!

Little Miss Sunshine State said...

I LOVE how your packaging is in English and French. Here in the Sunshine State, ours is the Espanol version.

frantastic said...

what's a flacon de neige? a shard of pork cured in the winter?