Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Same Thing, Only Different

The countdown is on. Three more sleeps until we leave for Mexico! WOO HOO!!

While we were at the wedding on Saturday, I leaned over to The Husband. "One more week," I whispered.

He looked at his watch. "Know what we'll be doing this time next week?" he asked. I grinned, my mind wandering to beaches and fruity umbrella-laden drinks.

The Husband looks around. "We'll be listening to music, in a room with hundreds of people we don't know, lining up for a dinner buffet. Essentially, we'll be doing the exact same thing."


"Only we'll be wearing Bermuda shorts," he added, with a shrug.

1 comment:

Clippy Mat said...

as in mexico mexico?
no fair.
who said you could go to mexico?
lucky sods.
word verification: bublera. as in me, bublera ;-(